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Corporate Move Consulting's Services

Corporate Move Consulting Inc (CMCI) offers move consulting services to help facility managers of corporations, organizations, and institutions continue commercial operations during the relocation process.  Our tenured and proprietary 5-step system efficiently moves your company to its new home while our project members work to identify additional opportunities for savings that are often over-looked by internal team members and traditional movers. At CMCI, we offer the following services:

Move Consulting: No matter the scope of your move, we use our proprietary 5 step process to facilitate a smooth, risk-free relocation for your company or organization. CMCI mitigates the stress of moving, so you can keep working and remain profitable. Find out more about our Move Consulting service.

Activations & Transitions: Moving a healthcare facility into a new space is a big deal. CMCI's team plans, schedules, and oversees the delivery and installation of all furniture, fixtures, and equipment to ensure your new space is fully operational and ready for patients from the moment you open your doors. Learn more on our Activations & Transitions page. 

Equipment Management: You cannot operate without working, properly installed equipment. From office computer systems to hospital equipment, CMCI has a frictionless system for making sure your tech is up and running without delay. Visit our Equipment Management page.

Audits & Inventories: When it comes time to physically move your inventory to your new space, the amount of equipment and files to organize and account for is overwhelming. Take the risk-free approach with CMCI’s vetted logistical methods. Learn how we can help with your Audits and Inventories.

On-Site Team: Facility Managers at complex companies and organizations are severely overburdened when expected to implement daily moves on top of their normal duties. For relocations involving day-to-day move coordination, a member of the CMCI staff can be made available to work on-site to plan your smooth, stress-free transition. Find out how our On-Site Team offering helps clients plan a risk-free transition.

As your trusted move manager, we plan your business relocation from project startup to final decommissioning, maximizing vendor relationships and executing a smooth, stress-free transition.  We will help you address every detail and complete your office move with minimal disruptions to your daily operations. From establishing communication plans, timelines, and budgets to supervising your move-related vendors and ensuring they deliver on time and within budget, CMCI is the trusted corporate moving consultant. If you are worried about relocating your business during the COVID-19 pandemic, allow us to provide our expertise. We are able to apply our strong experience with healthcare moves to ensure your transition is handled safely and effectively.

Your relocation is an opportunity to upgrade your entire organizational system for higher efficiency and profitability. We examine what works in your office and what needs to be improved to increase workflow. For instance, a common pitfall of corporate moves is postponing storeroom upgrades and efficiencies until after the move is completed. However, that scenario adds unnecessary time and costs to your budget. In contrast, CMCI helps our clients seize this opportunity to make work environments cleaner, more efficient, and enjoyable. Check out the short case studies on our Leadership page for concrete examples.

Since 2005, Houston’s leading organizations have relied on CMCI for office relocations, activations and ongoing on-site support. Contact us today to learn how your move really could be smooth, efficient, and seamlessly integrated into your business operations.

Did you know we also offer virtual move consulting services for organizations needing remote consults?