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Corporate Move Consulting Inc (CMCI):
The Project Experts–Office Moves, Transitions, Activations and Audits

An office move can be a daunting exercise for your staff to embrace. Much more than arranging for furniture and equipment to be moved to a new address, office relocations entail numerous activities that can easily be overlooked.

Simplify your business relocation. Corporate Move Consulting Inc (CMCI) brings a unique skill set to the realm of corporate moving. Using our proven 5-step process, we cover every detail of a business move so your employees stay focused on their key duties. We work closely with facility managers on all aspects of your business move from in-depth move consulting to equipment management and office furniture audits. As business move experts, we manage the move and, if necessary, conduct a full decommissioning of your vacated space.

Over the years, we’ve found that we partner with clients to get the job done. What “the job” is really depends, but our clients trust our project management skills and our keen understanding of what makes offices tick. We audit equipment, furniture and staff to give clients a solid account of the people and belongings in specific departments and office locations. This detailed documentation is critical when planning a move but also reduces the potential for purchasing products your organization already has. Who knew the storage cabinets you need are on site but not being used by another department? CMCI knows and saves you a bundle.

When you’re building a new facility, our move consultants can partner with you and your construction contractor to plan and execute the full activation. From handling furniture purchases and installing IT equipment and phones, our corporate move experience is invaluable. We even communicate with your people to transition staff from the old to the new location, often in a phased approach to minimize the disruption to employees and your daily operations.

CMCI has corporate moves down to a fine science. We encourage you to learn more about CMCI and the clients we’ve helped with office moves. Contact us about your next project, move, transition, activation or audit.