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Supplement your Facility Managers with our On-Site Team

Facility managers are often overwhelmed with corporate relocations and consolidations on top of their regular responsibilities. For large organizations, CMCI can provide a fully trained, on-site employee who is dedicated to your daily moves. From auditing your equipment, furniture, staff, and data to carefully coordinating moves on campus or across town, our professionals have unmatched skills and training to keep your employees focused and profitable during the transition. Guaranteed.

Consider this example:

A large Oil and Gas company relied on an employee from a temp agency to implement their daily moves. The staffer quit, and they discovered that the employee had not documented any sort of process for his work, so no one knew how to continue. The corporation came to CMCI seeking guidance, and we turned their chaotic move into an unassailable process by delivering full scope consulting services and reliable personnel to make sure they were never stranded again. We do this for each of our clients so that moves can happen smoothly and efficiently, even if a team member becomes unavailable.

Contact CMCI to learn more about supplementing your facility management team to reduce burnout and positively impact your workflow efficiency. If you only need pure move consulting, let us take a look at your processes and suggest improvements. We can make recommendations to get your costs in line while providing ROI for every move.