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Furniture Decommissioning in the Houston Marketplace

Thursday, January 28, 2021

We recently had a client who, due to COVID and the current state of oil and gas, needed to release a full floor of space. Since the corporation had paid very well for their furniture, they had hoped that it, in turn, would still be valuable. Sadly, in the Houston market, that is often not the case.

We walked the floor and examined the furniture; it was gorgeous wood furniture in pristine shape. Although the inventory did not include sit/stand desks, another company would be fortunate to own such good-looking office furniture. They called their current furniture vendor to see what it would cost to get rid of it, but as expected, they were told the merchant would be happy to remove it for them, but the cost would be substantial. They called CMCI in astonishment.

Because it’s part of our mission to solve our clients’ headaches, we set to work calling vendor after vendor. At first, no one in Houston seemed to want dark wood case goods, but we kept at the task. With two weeks before the corporation was required to turn the floor back to the landlord in its original condition (sans furniture), we were still searching for interested vendors. Finally, we found two vendors who were willing to take the furniture—without charging the client. Even better news, they would not add it to the landfill!

It is important to allow your Move Consultant enough time to get you the appropriate vendors in place for success on all aspects of your move. Even in a time crunch, we were able to save our clients a substantial amount of money, time, and heartache.