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Leadership Means Your Move Saves Money 

Corporate Move Consulting Inc (CMCI) has built its corporate moving teams with seasoned leaders at the helm. CMCI brings a dedicated team and project manager to every office relocation. This emphasis on team leadership, combined with our 5-step process, ensures your corporate moving experience will be a smooth one.

With decades of experience in moving complex operations, we have accumulated a good deal of stories that illustrate our ability to help you reduce risks and ensure a successful relocation. Here are a few examples demonstrating the quality of work you can expect from CMCI:

  • Rather than move office supplies that a client no longer needed, CMCI boxed the products on the client’s behalf and coordinated a donation of approximately 350 boxes of office products to Houston Independent School District (HISD). 

  • One organization in Houston refused to hire a move consultant, opting to handle the move on its own. The selected mover arrived on move day, loaded the organization’s items onto its trucks and drove the belongings to a new location. Much to the organization’s surprise, the mover held the contents hostage until a check was cut on the spot for $45,000. CMCI knows how to avoid mishaps like this.

  • A representative from a large client in Houston called CMCI, explaining that a delivery of furniture from another state could only be delivered if the furniture was taken off the tractor trailer and loaded onto a bobtail because the building management refused to allow delivery on a tractor trailer. This complication became worse when movers threatened to charge an additional $6,000 to unload and reload the furniture. However, CMCI immediately took action, and after making a few phone calls, we were able to save the client $6,000 in 15 minutes. 

  • CMCI saved a client approximately $300,000 when our inventory showed the client had 300 unused file cabinets in its current space. Furthermore, CMCI pointed out that these cabinets could be painted to match their new furniture for little cost. Credenzas were repurposed in conference rooms as well. At CMCI, our experts go above and beyond the standard in corporate relocation.

  • One business housed 1,800 employees in an 18-story building and wished to move over a weekend while its office remained open to the public. CMCI noted the physical limitations of the property’s elevator and explained the logistical problems with this time frame. By presenting alternative relocation systems, CMCI assisted the business in completing a successful move.
CMCI has a dedicated seasoned team which distinguishes us from the rest. Read our Testimonials page to see how we stack up in our clients' minds.